The artwork

Paola – Feel like home
Framed picture 50x50cm + text on the wall
Printing on Hahnemühle Rag Satin 310g – adhesive cut
Ed. 2/5
Courtesy of the artist and Carlos Carbonell

How does it feel to enter a room that is tailored so specifically for you that it becomes disconcerting ?

How does it feel to experience this while you’re travelling and trying to disconnect from your everyday life ? 

Could it be the blueprint for a new kind of futuristic hotel ? Or is it a traveler’s nightmare ?

Based on the information provided by our guests’ social networks profiles, we deliver them a personalized room in order for them to “feel like home”.

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The artist

MarIon Balac (b. 1984 in Aix-en-Provence, FR.) quite often spot the subjects, objects and landscapes that interest her from her computer screen. Her practice is not just about the computer, though, and it takes shape in a variety of approaches and media. The internet is the trigger for the majority of her work: landscapes seen from a distance become the basis for graphic digressions, voyages, investigations. E-commerce and mapping sites are diverted to poetic ends or for social experiments. She moves forward through scrolls and clicks, as an online tourist. She travels within these dynamic maps, bringing out their incongruities, diverting their uses. She spots places, create fictions, explore and take scope of the scene. In accumulations of objects, in the repetition of stereotypes, in tourist sites – which sometimes look alike, to the point of becoming replicas – she finds food for thought. These landscapes and objects, which she sorts, modifies and shapes, are the starting points and sites of her work, within or outside the screen. Her work has been shown in Paris, Toulouse, Nevers, Marseille, Annecy, Téhéran, Bruxelles, Montréal, Berlin and Sofia. Carlos Carbonell (Barcelone, 1982) is an artist and programmer/developer. His work -composed by music, computer programming, videos and live shows – has been shown in Centre Pompidou (Paris), Strope (Lo Pati centre d’art terres de l’ebre, Amposta), Genius Loci (Fundació Miró, Barcelone), Capitaine Futur (La Gaité Lyrique, Paris), in Santa Monica art center and in MACBA (Barcelona). Feel like Home (Paola), made during a residency in Buenos Aires (Salon Bellefour, 2016), is their first collaboration.