The artwork

Terre Creuse
Laser prints on satin paper
42×40 cm
Unique pieces
Courtesy of the artist

Realistic and improbable landscapes are procedurally generated, as alien planets or oniric, fictionnal and floating places. The connection and the apprehending of the virtual space is disrupted by the sectional drawing made by the camera and the points of views, taken from the inside of the relief, revealing the backstage of the virtual world.

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The artist

Developing a protean practice, Alix Desaubliaux convenes in creating her pieces some processes that have a priori more to do with computer programming than traditional categories of visual arts , which she skillfully pushes the limits . The code, 3D, video games are indeed some of the means it uses to generate interactive experiences. As a window into a “new” world , his work invites us to literally switch in a virtual environment , to engage in dialogue with the machines that surround us and to explore the forms of intelligence which they are now carrying .