The artwork

CleanFORCE 1,2,3
75 x 55 x 5 cm
Silicon sculptures
Ed. 1/3
Courtesy of the artist

Each individual’s quest to improve him or herself on all levels—relational, physical, mental, spiritual—is halted by the inherent inertia of human beings. Humans are programmed to repeat the habits that have enabled them to survive until now, which have prevented them from advancing, through laziness, temptation or omission. As smartphones and their applications allow us to quantify objectives in order to better identify them, the original imperfection of humans is compensated by their technological tools. Notifications and invitations pop up at algorithmically opportune moments to replace our faltering will and accompany our desire for well-being. The search for discipline is transformed into a playfully light game. The quest becomes estheticized into a rising gamification. The curves and graphs trace our path and accomplished effort toward our virtual and ideal selves. Our smartphone’s graphic icons remind us of our commitments to ourselves. CleanFORCE is a series-in-progress of sculptures made from silicon, the material that makes up the digital part of the world around us. Their transparency and opalescence are directly inspired by the technical material used for sports shoes and clothing. This material is designed to make these objects highly desirable and visually satisfying, simultaneously as technological feats which elevate us to achieve heroic performances, and as magical objects conveying energy. The inclusions refer to health graphics and applications, as well as the yin and yang, symbolizing dynamic equilibrium and virtuous circles.

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The artist

Côme Di Meglio was born in 1988, lives and works in Paris. Our lives are shaped by the objects and spaces we interact with. Côme Di Meglio’s sculptures, installations and interactive environments are design for an optimal user experience. By addressing to emotions, his artworks are meant to share a positive energy.