The artwork

Ice clock
Refrigeration unit, stainless steel 3d printing, Arduino, epoxy 3d printing

ICE CLOCK is a series of Installations-sculptures that mix 3D design and cooling technology within an autonomous system of randomly creating and destroying an iceberg. The iceberg, suspended under a glass bell, partly melts and reconstitutes itself in cycles, flooding part of an artificial landscape that supports the piece. The sculptures change shape and appearance depending on the time of day, season, temperature and humidity conditions, and develop phases of condensation, fog or flooding, so that the piece is continuously alive and changing. ICE CLOCK, in line with the project United Land, representing the planet covered in water and ice, is a fantasmagorical allegory of the ambivalent situation of contemporary humans within our environment and our ambiguous vision of the relationship between Nature and progress. Here, the iceberg shows not just a visible fragment but also its hidden face, its dark side, in a realistic perspective of irreparable melting, despite the artificial technological infusions supporting an ambitious hypothesis of equilibrium. These majestic yet ephemeral frozen mountains are literally the tip of the iceberg of our impossibility to control the present elements under the erosion of time, symbolizing extinction, or for an enlightened mind, the transformation from one form to another in cyclical rotation.

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The artist

François Ronsiaux is one of those artists with protean creation, practicing his art on topics such as propaganda of Ingeniering, modern ideologies or environmental changes, it builds the likings of his experiences a puzzle or mixed chance and his own spiritual research on its relationship with the world.
Using technologies and modern materials, François Ronsiaux, first photographer, creates installations, performances, visual and sound projects to the limit of balance and in allegories of reappropriation of essential laws of nature.