The artwork

Vision Cones
Plexiglas, wood, modified LCD screens, computer
Unique piece
Courtesy of Galerie Charlot, Paris 

Evoking both the shape of our visual field, and the name of retinal cells able to distinguish colors, Vision Cones allows us to assist to the construction made by the brain of a relief perception from bidimensional indicators. Two virtual cones appear to us, one concave and one convex. No matter the point of view, their appearance seems consistent with the laws of the conical perspective. It is at the intersection of these two objects, in a regular cycle, that the perception rushes. Their intersection suddenly subtracted any impression of volume, leaving only an empty space where the color has disappeared, leaving us as “blinded”. But the eclipse ends soon, and cones resurface suddenly, along with their tops. In this experiment, what first appears as a paradox, could ultimately highlight our participation in the invention of a reality that we thought we could only contemplate.

The artist 

Flavien Théry was born in Paris in 1973. He has a degree from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg. Flavien Théry lives and works in Rennes (F) since 2000. After a career in the design sector, today his main field of research is in lineage with cinetic, op art and the contemporary practices using new media. Focusing on the relation between art and science, he questions the nature of reality and more specifically of light.