The artwork

Ne plus être dans votre regard, c’est disparaitre. 
Ed. 2/3 + 2EA
Courtesy of the artist

A 3D avatar, made from the body of Judith Deschamps, questions the conditions of its existence. Belonging to the digital and virtual world, having no sex or any particular gender, he/she speaks to us about its status and function of object.

This video examines the codes and representations which condition our sexual identities, but also the devices that technology o)ers to or impose on our bodies, our thoughts, our identities.

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The artist

Born in 1986 & 1954, based in Paris, Santa Monica, and London, Judith Deschamps works in an era in which reality and virtuality coexist..

After graduating in 2011, she has participated in several international solo and group exhibitions in the Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre Pompidou of Paris, The Ricard Fondation, Mains d’Œuvres, the Pavillon Vendôme, the Salon of Montrouge, the FRAC Bretagne, the Edouard Manet gallery, The Kunstverein of Freiburg (DE), the de Appel Arts Centre (NL).

She will soon integrate a master at the Royal College of Art in London.