The artwork

Little Talks
Tryptique, Light installation (3)
Ed. of 5

Speech is the beginning of society. Whether sacred, profane, given, received, money or honour, speech is both the first tool and last resort of mankind. Imperfect, speech unites as much as it divides. Vital, it attracts as much as it stirs up, injures as much as it soothes. A vector of sharing and misunderstanding, the only thing worse than its prohibition is its abrogation. Its negation.

TALK depicts the simplest possible action verbs, but declined according to the standpoint of antagonists from three groups belonging to the same community.

TALK wants to highlight the differences in meaning that every word may reveal, depending on the individuals using them or hearing them.

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The artist

All members of Visual System are pure color artists. And it is through light that they develop limitless stories. Positioned at the frontiers of art and design, they also draw their creative references from both cinema and architecture. Geometry forms the heart of their languages extracted in their installations from the invisible. 

In the devices they create, colors blend and combine in endless transitions, defining and reproducing new patterns within space and time. 

The works flow vibrantly like the Internet, whose knowable exchanging variability influences our variability of outlines and shapes as they communicate with each other. At Visual System, our artwork creates an immersive, hypnotic experience that produces a feeling of stretched time. It places the viewer both in and distanced from fragments of micro- or macrocosms with sprawling extensions, purely determined by an art of movement. 

And we shall not forget the sound component of Visual System’s practice; sounds work in tandem with lights, sharing with those abstract images the temporality of a transient extreme. Immersive sound illuminates the nuanced relationship of the viewer with the artworks, a relationship characterized by immediacy that transcends the cognitive aspect. This relationship is perfectly suitable for the experiments of Visual System’s artists-engineers.